• Get To Know Chelsie!

    INTRODUCING CHELSIE CARR And now, I’d like to introduce and welcome our newest Instructor to Pilates of Old Town!  Chelsie discovered her love of Pilates in 2000.   She had just had her first child and was searching for a way to rediscover her core.  After her first two sessions, she was hooked.  Chelsie […]

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  • New Pilates Mat Classes Added

    Did you know that the Pilates Mat exercises were developed by Joe even before the Apparatus? The Mat work is a beautiful flowing sequence of exercises performed on a mat with or without the addition of small props. The Mat work can be practiced by all levels of ability, as […]

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  • And the neck bone is connected…

    Dear Clients, Friends and Family, Hello again and thank you for continuing with us as we journey through the book written by Joseph Pilates, “Return to Life Through Contrology”.  Joe wrote this book in 1945, and the health giving benefits of Pilates are even more relevant today than they were then.  […]

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