• Video Interview

    Check out this great interview of our founder Marie Schneider by Chiropractor Raymond Bunch as they discuss the many benefits of Pilates!

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  • And the neck bone is connected…

    Dear Clients, Friends and Family, Hello again and thank you for continuing with us as we journey through the book written by Joseph Pilates, “Return to Life Through Contrology”.  Joe wrote this book in 1945, and the health giving benefits of Pilates are even more relevant today than they were then.  […]

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  • Pilates Positive Impact on Aging

    Pilates Positive Impact on Aging Some of us know all too well the signs of aging. We are either experiencing them ourselves or seeing them in others. A decrease in height, and increase in weight, more fat and less lean muscle mass, rounded shoulders and upper back (kyphosis), reduced bone […]

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